Stephanie Garman Freed co-founded Rapha International in 2003 after she was challenged by her father to research the issue of human trafficking.  Beginning with one safe house program for under age female survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation in Battambang, Cambodia, 15 years later, Rapha now serves child survivors in Cambodia, Thailand, and Haiti.  Stephanie is a firm believer in quality programming and collaboration, which allows Rapha to enjoy the cooperation and respect of the governments where they are working.   

    Stephanie is an activist in empowering girls who have faced extreme trauma to understand their great worth and value and ultimately to live in sustainable freedom.  Using her voice in a variety of public speaking venues, including churches, civic events, and conferences, Stephanie is committed to engaging and educating people on these topics.  She has helped produce a documentary on the issue of human trafficking in Cambodia, ‘Finding Home’, which spent two years on Netflix and won multiple awards at film festivals.

    A self proclaimed “soccer mom”, Stephanie has a message that God can call us and equip us to serve Him in ways we could never imagine.  Stephanie and her husband, Brandon, live in Joplin, Missouri and have three amazing children- Blair, Brooke, and Barrett.  When Stephanie is not traveling, she can usually be found in her backyard enjoying her family, flowers, and dogs.



    Angela's heart was deeply changed after taking an awareness trip to Cambodia in October 2011. After returning from her trip, she began volunteering once a week and eventually joined the staff in June 2012. She leads the team of staff at the U.S. office as the US Operations Director, and she seeks ways to involve each and every person who has an interest in Rapha.



    Travis first discovered Rapha International while attending Ozark Christian College in Joplin, MO. He began volunteering with Rapha in the summer of 2012 and came on staff later that year.  As Chief Financial Officer, Travis helps oversee the financial operations of Rapha. He is a Certified Public Accountant and he enjoys using his business expertise in a supporting role to help speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.



    The Old Testament prophets woke David to Jesus’ teaching and the heart of God for the poor, widow, orphan, alien and oppressed.  Through church work in Miami, seminary, and law school, David and his wife Anastasia endeavored to figure out how they were supposed to serve the marginalized and forgotten, especially once they were confronted with the horrors of human trafficking.  While a professor, David began a partnership with Rapha that went from part time now to full time.  With Anastasia and their kids, David is more eager than ever to empower the church to be God’s heart and hands in the world, especially to the "least of these" that mean so much to God.



    Pat's life was turned upside-down on her first mission trip to Honduras, where her heart was broken and missions became a lifestyle. Her heart was not only changed, it was enlarged, as she saw the world through a different lens. As a director on the Engage team at Christ In Youth (CIY), Pat led hundreds of students on mission trips around the world. However, an awareness trip to Cambodia in March of 2007, changed her life once again. Educating others about modern-day slavery became a burning passion and the ministry of Rapha became an important piece of her life. Recently, Pat retired from CIY and has transitioned to RH in the role of Prevention Director, where she plans to pray for miracles, stand for justice, and be an advocate against slavery. Her favorite quote is "Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love." - Mother Teresa



    Robin earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Seminary in California, and has been involved with Rapha in various capacities since 2007. As Aftercare Director, Robin combines her clinical expertise and her research in trauma treatment in international settings to "help the helpers." She works alongside International Directors to oversee client services programs, with the overarching goal of ensuring the safety and protection of clients and staff. She helps provide a high quality of care and services to clients through developing and implementing culturally competent policies, procedures, and trainings to help staff do their work in an effective and sustainable way.



    Jenna first felt the Lord’s growing passion in her life to work with international ministries during her time attending college at West Texas A&M University where she completed a Dual Degree in Broadcast Journalism and Advertising Public Relations. During her time as a student Jenna had the opportunity to hear Sophorn and Stephanie share their stories and was convicted she needed to be involved with Rapha in the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

    After graduating, Jenna moved to South Asia for six months and that experience confirmed the calling God had on her life to be involved in ministry. Shortly after returning to America, Jenna moved to Joplin to begin an internship with Rapha. During her internship, she participated in an awareness trip to Cambodia. Her desire to work with Rapha greatly increased after this experience.  In January of 2017, Jenna joined the staff of Rapha. She loves the hope that there is no end to what God can do through these people and this organization.



    Ashlee grew up in Bangkok, Thailand where her eyes were opened at a young age to  issues of injustice happening in Southeast Asia. After her family adopted 3 kids from Thailand, her passion for wanting all children to have a safe and hope-filled future grew. In college she studied Education and Intercultural Studies with the intention of using her degrees to help children overseas be equipped to have sustainable freedom. It was during her time at Missouri Southern State and Ozark Christian College, where she saw Finding Home and was immediately compelled to join Rapha.

    Ashlee served as a Rapha volunteer for a year and then was hired as a staff writer. While writing she became more convicted to take further action in fighting for underage victims of exploitation. As a result, Ashlee lived in Cambodia for two months and then worked at Rapha's safe house in Chiang Mai, Thailand for seven months. Mentoring the girls at the safe house and hearing their stories first hand deeply impacted her. Ashlee returned to the US in 2019 to continue working for Rapha as Operations Coordinator. Her greatest lesson learned at the safe house is that there is no story too broken for God to heal and no situation too dark where God cannot provide hope.



    Kelly first heard about Rapha International before she moved to Joplin, and instantly wanted to be involved in some way.

    She moved to Lindale, Texas out of high school to attend a discipleship training school with YWAM and went to Cuba for a month-long outreach trip. It was Kelly's first time being out of the country and she came back with a completely changed heart. Shortly after she ended up moving to Joplin, MO and started working as a Gymnastics coach. Through friends and God opening doors she started volunteering at Rapha in the Fall of 2017 and became the finance intern in early 2018. She loves what God is doing through Rapha and can't believe she gets to have a small part in it. She currently lives in Joplin with her husband Kyle, and their first baby is on the way!



    Sarah was first introduced to Rapha International during a presentation by Stephanie at a College Heights Christian School chapel service. She felt a deep moving of her heart to be involved in this ministry and help fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation. She then spent two of her CHCS spring break missions weeks volunteering at Rapha and continued to volunteer as she began college at Ozark Christian College. It was at college that she discovered a love for design and publications which she decided to pursue through a degree in graphic communications. When asked what Sarah wanted to do with her degree, she would often respond “I’d love to work in a church or for a non-profit like Rapha International”. In 2019 God opened some unexpected doors resulting in exactly that happening and Sarah ended up with the opportunity to step onto the Rapha team as the Design and Content Delivery Coordinator. Sarah loves this ministry and continues to be amazed at how God uses this ministry to love, fight, and provide hope for those who have experienced unspeakable trauma.



    Alexis first felt the calling to fight against human trafficking and child sexual exploitation right after she graduated high school. After spending a month in the Middle East helping refugees, Alexis knew the Lord had called her to help Rapha International- specifically the merchandise program. Alexis interned at Rapha for six months before she became the Rapha Merchandise Manager in April of 2019.

    She will graduate in December of 2019 with a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Fashion Merchandising and a minor in Women’s Studies from Pittsburg State University. She has a passion for defending the oppressed of all nations, and loves using her merchandising skills for Rapha.

Board of Directors

  • Stephanie Freed - Board Chairwoman and CEO, Rapha International
  • Bill Blair - Vice President, American Rehabilitation Ministry
  • Dorothy Perconti - Vice President, Perconti Data Systems
  • James Richards - CEO, Stronghold Data
  • Kerry Decker - Pastor and Life Coach
  • Mark Davis - McKee Foods Corporation
  • Opal Singleton - President and CEO, Million Kids