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Prayer Requests

Requests during COVID-19

  • Pray for safety for the survivors we serve and all of our staff.
  • Pray for the governments in the countries we serve to have wisdom as they navigate this global crisis.
  • Pray for the staff at our aftercare campuses who are quarantined with the survivors. Pray for increased patience, grace and for them to find times of mental and physical rest.
  • Pray for the survivors in our care to have peace and remain hopeful when changes in their schedules and instability in the world can be triggering to them.
  • Pray for continued consistent giving, so Rapha International can maintain consistently providing the best care for survivors.
  • Pray for the families in our Kids Club communities, as they live in conditions where sickness spreads easily.
  • Pray for our Kids Club staff in Cambodia and Thailand to have wisdom as they navigate how to stay connected with sponsored children while staying safe
  • Pray for our staff’s spouses and family members who are suffering financially because they have lost their jobs or had significantly reduced work hours.
  • Pray for our staff and the children we serve to experience the Holy Spirit’s peace, knowing the Lord is in control throughout all circumstances.
  • Pray for staff unity and supernatural wisdom while we are all sheltering in place.
  • Pray for physical strength and good health for staff members and their families.
  • Pray for our financial partners who have lost their jobs or had significantly reduced work hours.
  • Pray for wisdom as our staff form contingency plans due to loss of income.


  • Praise for the opportunity for our staff to receive therapy for their own healing, growth, and self-care. Pray for protection against vicarious trauma as our staff walk alongside the girls while they recover from their past traumas.
  • Encouragement for girls beginning new vocational training programs and girls who are struggling in school.   


  • Pray for the governments of Cambodia, Thailand and Haiti, that they would continue to see the great need to end trafficking and sexual exploitation within their borders. Pray for Rapha to have continued favor with these governments.
  • Grace and peace for various staff transitions, including hiring new staff. May they be blessed as they become part of the Rapha team and may Rapha be blessed by their contributions.
  • Wisdom in working with government and non government organizational partnerships.


  • Navigation of changing government regulations for child protection centers.
  • Provision of opportunities and support for the girls who are planning to reintegrate.
  • Protection of environmental and human health as the northern part of Thailand experiences harmful levels of pollution.


  • Peace for Haiti and resolution to the ongoing tensions.
  • Protection and peace for girls with ongoing and potentially dangerous court cases.
  • Construction process of new safe house campus in Haiti.


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