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  • “My name is Brittnay, and this is My Rapha Story.”

    In November of 2018, I attended the International Conference on Missions. Almost every speaker over the course of three days touched on the idea that “your calling is where the world’s pain and…

  • “My name is Molly, and this is My Rapha Story.”

    As a 16-year-old in high school, doubtful that the Lord could use me, I never would have dreamed all that would come from that little whisper in my heart telling me to go to Cambodia.

  • Human Trafficking Awareness Day

    Fon felt hopeless about her future and at 14 years old she ran away, leaving her family penniless. Her only focus was surviving the month, and within hours this young teen’s childhood ended.

  • “I Was a Rapha Girl”

    Sitting in my bedroom in early November while scrolling through my Facebook feed, I landed on a post that took my breath away. Sophorn, a former Rapha girl, who is walking in freedom and is now in…

  • Five Bucks and the Widow’s Mite

    Before we parted, I asked this young woman if it would be alright if I gave her a hug. She hesitated momentarily before nodding her approval. Later, she wrote to me, “Your hug was scary, but I knew…

  • Marching in Thailand

    These girls, once victims, had become survivors. Moreover, they had become thrivers, who were now using their voices on behalf of others.

  • Lainie and Lalaine’s “My Rapha Story”

    Their example shows how anyone who is willing can use their God-given abilities and the platform available to them to fight for something bigger than themselves. They are freedom fighters. We are so…

  • Christmas Newsletter 2019

    The title of our Christmas Newsletter this year is, "Joyful All Ye Nations Rise!" Let us rise together hand in hand as we fight for freedom! Click to view the 2019 Christmas Newsletter!

  • Rapha House is now Rapha International!

    As we honor the first 15 years of our work together and the firm foundation which has been built, we are excited to announce that Rapha House is transitioning our name to Rapha International! Our…

  • “We want this work to be our legacy.”

    Recently, some longtime partners spent a day with us at our headquarters in Joplin, Missouri, going through the strategic plan for Rapha International and gaining a deeper understanding of our…

  • Cambodia Medical Trip

    In January, our first short term Rapha House International medical-dental team went to Cambodia – a country with a high disease burden, widespread poverty, lack of clean water, little sanitation,…

  • 2018 Annual Report

    The Rapha story is your story. Each story of a girl who was once trapped in slavery, and who experiences healing, hope, and freedom in our aftercare programs is a story you made possible. With you at…

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