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  • Haiti Earthquake Update

    As of today, Monday, August 16th, news reports estimate that more than 1,200 people have lost their lives as a result of the earthquake that impacted Haiti on Saturday. Here is a message from Rapha…

  • Talking with Kids About Sexual Abuse

    Educating communities, including children, is an essential part of preventing sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Establishing a safe environment for open conversations with children is an…

  • Urgent Prayer for Rapha Haiti & Cambodia

    Rapha is facing some critical emerging situations internationally, and we request urgent prayer today. Please read this blog about specific Rapha prayer requests for Haiti and Cambodia. 

  • The Accommodation of Child Sexual Abuse

    As children process their trauma, they may experience any (or all) of the reactions listed below, which together are described as “Accommodation.” 

  • How Predators Groom Children for Sexual Exploitation

    One of the greatest steps we can take to prevent exploitation is to minimize the opportunities for a child to be isolated with an adult who is not their guardian.

  • Sanoh is Waiting for You

    Although Sanoh desperately wanted to return to her life as a normal teenager, she was trapped in fear of the gang that was exploiting her for profit. Read the rest of Sanoh's story in our Spring…

  • Taeng is Waiting for You

    Taeng is Waiting for You. Taeng’s childhood completely changed when she was two years old and her father committed suicide. Because her father had gambled away all her family’s money before his…

  • Lamai is Waiting for You

    Lamai is Waiting for You. Every day three-year-old Lamai would beg until dusk and then count the coins she earned and give them to her trafficker. Read Lamai's full story here!

  • Waiting for You

    For the month of April, we are launching a unique campaign called, “Waiting for You.” Our goal is to establish 100 new monthly partnerships in April - from $5 a month to $500 a month!

  • Do You Want to Fight Human Trafficking?

    Do you want to fight human trafficking? AWARENESS leads to ENGAGEMENT. Let’s take action to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation - ONE CHILD AT A TIME.

  • Covid-19 Kids Club Update

    The COVID-19 pandemic hit Cambodia especially hard this past year, resulting in increased poverty among households. In March 2020, the government of Cambodia made the difficult decision to close…

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