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  • Firsthand Observations

    Thank you for your continued prayers as we minister in Cambodia this week. The toughest moment of the trip so far may have been last night.

  • Success at Rapha House

    Our motto at our Freedom Center—the vocational training program at Rapha House—is simple: We are successful when the girls that we serve are successful.

  • The Real Heroes

    When it comes to combating human trafficking, who are the real heroes in this fight? I’ve given a lot of thought to this. So far, I’ve come up with three.

  • Two Monkeys

    We received this cryptic message from our Cambodian Director the other day: “The little monkey is now at the safehouse with the big monkey; they are very happy.”

  • 8-Year-Old Burn Victim Gets Surgery

    Please pray for little eight year old Sokpong. She is the little sister of one of our Rapha girls.

  • Safe House Land Purchase

    Thank you Rapha House partners! We were able to purchase the land for our second safehouse by our March 15th deadline! We are so thankful for all of you who prayed for and gave financially toward this…

  • The Myth of the Rescued Child

    There’s a myth that perpetually circulates in human trafficking circles. And it’s just as prevalent as those pesky urban legends. It’s the “Myth of the Rescued Child.”

  • Songkum and Rapha House

    While here in Cambodia, I attended an anti-trafficking conference in Phnom Penh. On the last evening, some from our team went to a riverfront restaurant where two former Rapha girls met us for dinner.…

  • Religious Freedom at Rapha House

    At Rapha House, we believe in religious freedom. All Rapha girls equally benefit from all our programs and services regardless of what they believe. We value religious freedom. And we practice…

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