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A Mother’s Day Message

May 08th, 2020


A Mother's Day Message from Stephanie-

Rapha International celebrates all the mothers who make our world such a hopeful place to live!  Even in life’s most challenging and difficult times, we all take delight in the sound of a child’s laughter ringing across the distant aisles of the grocery store, or seeing a social media post of a baby in a highchair covered in spaghetti. These moments, which allow us to pause and smile, are brought to us by all the wonderful mothers out there!

And for those children who have fallen through the cracks of our broken world, for those who have mothers who are unable to care for them, we celebrate the women who stand in the gap for our precious next generation. At Rapha International, these women are called housemothers. Day after day, they provide loving care for the girls we serve- girls who are deeply traumatized and often missing their own families. Our housemothers, trained in trauma-informed care, hold the hands of brokenhearted children, and help to pick up those broken pieces in order to restore hope for the future. These women are the true hands of justice in its most beautiful and simple form- love.  

I have watched our housemothers sit at the bedsides of sick children, hold them when their hearts are breaking, and sweat with them on the soccer field- often falling down in the grass and belly laughing with them. These are the moments of organic restoration.  

To all the mothers and foster mothers all over the world… and to all the women of Rapha International, who are called “mother” by the girls we serve- “Mahk” (Khmer), “Manman” (Creole) and “Mae” (Thai)- we say a big THANK YOU for the hope and healing you work to provide every day!  You are our heroes.  


With Gratitude and Love- Stephanie