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Be Bold this Easter

April 07th, 2020


Friends, Happy Easter from Rapha International!

Rachel couldn’t contain her excitement as she recently updated me on the happenings of her life. Once a trafficked child on the streets of Thailand, she is now a young woman who has emerged from our aftercare program in Cambodia with big dreams to change the world. Rachel persevered through her trauma recovery at Rapha International while pursuing her education, which seemed insurmountable at times, since she was so far behind in school. Rachel excelled in her studies (including English language), and just a few months ago, she achieved one of her life goals as she began her next phase of education in a Cambodian university!


Rachel is a Christian in a country where over 97% of the population claim Buddhism as their religion. On the very first week of university study, she found herself in a world religion classroom where the professor, in Rachel’s animated recollection, was providing inaccurate information on Christianity. Rachel said that as she listened to the professor, she wrestled with whether to say anything. She was a new student and was so hopeful to be liked by the other students and by her teachers. However, she decided that it was more important that the students have accurate information about Christianity. Rachel relayed how she nervously rose to her feet as the teacher asked her if she had a question. “I am a Christian,” Rachel said respectfully, “If you want to know about Jesus, you can ask me.” She looked around the room at the other students, who appeared shocked that she would share this information. “If any of you want to ask me any questions about Jesus, I want to talk to you.”  

A monk was sitting directly behind Rachel, and as she sat down, he leaned forward and said, “You are very strange, Rachel. It is one thing to be a Christian. It is another thing to tell everyone.” After class, this monk asked Rachel to meet with him as he had a lot of questions about her faith. When he asked her why she told everyone this information, which certainly would not win her any favor among her peers or teachers, Rachel replied with her own testimony. “Jesus rescued me from the darkness and into the light.  Without Him, I wouldn’t have today. I have to tell what He did for me, and who He is to me.”