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COVID-19 Cambodia Update

April 15th, 2020


During this time, Cambodia is being affected in many ways by COVID-19. According to our government, we can’t have gatherings larger than ten people. It has been really hard for Kids Club to think about how we can still support our families. A lot of families have lost their jobs, some are not receiving any compensation, and most families are working day to day without contracted work. Our social workers are working to contact every family by phone, and many of them are telling us if they do not get any rice from us, they will die from starvation. Because of this great need, our leaders and staff met to make a plan. We decided to let the families come to get rice, but not all together. We are setting up appointment times, and the rice is separated so families are not in close proximity to each other.

I want to take this time to say thank you to our supporters and child sponsors. Without you, it would not be possible for us to do this, and families and children would be in immediate danger of starvation. Please join me in prayer for the families we are serving, the children of Kids Club, and the child survivors who need our support at this critical time.

Country Director- Cambodia