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Haiti Earthquake Update II

August 24th, 2021


Thank you to all of our partners who have contacted Rapha to ask about the situation in Haiti and our staff and facilities there. As the circumstances in Haiti quickly evolve, we want to share an update about the aftermath of the earthquake and its impact on Rapha's staff and clients. 

On Sunday, August 22nd, Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency shared that the death toll in the impacted area has risen to 2,207. 344 people are still missing and over 12,000 are injured. The UN Office of Humanitarian Affairs reports that 137,000 families have been impacted and approximately 40% of the people in the impacted areas are in need of emergency assistance. The health system in the southern region of Haiti, already overburdened, has been severely affected. Life saving medical services, as well as the continuation of other critical assistance, are increasingly difficult to access as twenty-four health facilities were impacted, four of which were destroyed.

As we shared last week, Rapha’s Aftercare Campus was not physically impacted by the earthquake. We have learned, however, that several of our staff had family members lost and injured, some of whom require surgery and treatment. Many also had homes damaged or destroyed. As we do our best to support our Rapha family in Haiti, we are amazed and humbled by their dedication to the children we serve. They continue to work tirelessly for our girls in Haiti and for their communities that are struggling under the compounding weight of tragedy, violence, and uncertainty. 

We have assessed the expense of supporting our staff through this crisis at $8,000. If you would like to be part of the recovery effort in Haiti, and the support for our Rapha staff and their families, please consider giving today. To give click the button below and enter “Haiti relief” as a comment.