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I Fight Slavery: Lin’s Story

March 06th, 2020


Survivors are forced to provide for themselves at an incredibly young age. At our Thailand Aftercare Campus, a girl named Lin lost her mother as a child. Her childhood memories included her father crying uncontrollably for months after her mother's death. Her dad was so overtaken by grief that months after her mother died he committed suicide, leaving his daughter an orphan. Lin moved in with her brother, who was already financially stretched to provide for his own family. After several months of struggling to feed everyone under his roof, Lin’s brother was approached by a woman from a nearby city who said she had a job available at a restaurant. Not knowing the difficult situation this would place his sister in, he agreed.


Lin moved to the city, accepted the job, and her life drastically changed. The restaurant owner was a pimp and had many older girls he and his wife trafficked. Lin was so young at the time that their plan was to overwork her to the point where she would rather have sex with customers like the older girls. She was given less than 20 dollars a month for working from 5 am to 10 pm daily. The 17-hour workdays wore on this young 12-year-old. Seeing no other option, she kept working. Her situation worsened when the restaurant owner began showing her favoritism, making his wife jealous. No matter what Lin did, she couldn't please them, and as a child she was completely overwhelmed by where her life was headed. She continued on, until one day a pastor of the village came to visit her. After she begged him to take her out of the restaurant, he was able to contact Rapha International.

Lin is now currently going to school, receiving counseling, and has a community of staff and friends who love her. The heavy burden of providing for herself is gone. She can make friends and play freely knowing we are by her side and providing for her. She can have the childhood she always dreamed of and the future she has always hoped for!


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