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Kids Club Stories

September 29th, 2021




Junta's Story

Junta was pregnant with her first child when she arrived in Thailand with her two younger sisters, ages 3 and 5. The death of her parents and divorce from her husband left her in desperate need of support and resources. Kids Club social workers came alongside Junta to offer emotional support and help her siblings receive Kids Club Sponsorships so they could start going to school. Junta is relieved that her family is receiving the help they need, and thankful for the new community who will help her after her baby is born!

Gamon's Story

Last year Gamon and her four children were living in a dangerous neighborhood where many factors increased the likelihood of child exploitation and trafficking. Kids Club social workers helped relocate her family to a safe area. In addition to providing the opportunity to go to school, basic medical care, and nutritional support, Kids Club staff have been regularly meeting with Gamon’s family to teach life skills and provide extra tutoring. Gamon’s children are all attending their second year of Thai school!

Kaeo's Story

11 year old Kaeo dreams of being a doctor. She lives with her grandmother who started taking care of her after her father remarried and left her and her two siblings. Kaeo’s grandmother and older sister work hard to take care of the children, but can not afford to pay for all of their food, care, and educational costs. Kids Club social workers discovered her family’s situation and, through sponsorship, enrolled all three siblings in school! Kaeo loves going to school and still dreams of entering the medical field. She’s glad that her siblings are going to be able to follow their dreams as well!

Kids Club exists to prevent sexual exploitation and human trafficking before it even begins.  When you sponsor a child for $40 a month, you provide education, medical care, food support, and social work services.


Will you join our “Little Dreams” campaign in September and be the bridge between a child with a dream and the resources they need in order to reach their full potential.