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“My name is Amanda, and this is My Rapha Story.”

January 31st, 2020


My name is Amanda, and this is My Rapha Story.

I first heard about Rapha International last fall. I learned about the organization’s mission: to end the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children, one child at a time. I knew that trafficking was a huge issue both in the USA and internationally, but I didn’t know that an organization such as Rapha existed locally. I was taken aback by how the organization started, its growth, and the many children’s lives this organization had helped. I knew instantly I wanted to be apart of it.

So, I jumped all in. I called Pat Fancher, and joined her and a full team for the Rapha medical/dental trip to Cambodia. Boy was I blessed by it! During the trip, we were able to serve the sweet, gentle people of Cambodia in extremely rural clinics and impoverished neighborhoods.

I witnessed firsthand how Rapha’s prevention program, Kids Club, identifies at-risk children to prevent trafficking and exploitation. Through charitable donations, sponsorships, education, and social work assistance, families are able to keep their children in school and out of harm’s way.

We were also able to visit a Rapha aftercare campus. This is a facility that provides healing, hope, and freedom for survivors of trafficking long after their day of rescue. It’s there that girls heal and learn how to reintegrate into society while living in sustainable freedom. I was moved by the strength and happiness that some of these girls had after what they endured. I remember holding one of the girl’s hands; she must have been around nine. She was quiet but kept a smile on her face. She held tightly onto my hand during one of the group prayers. I remember thinking about the trauma she may have experienced, and in that moment I couldn’t contain my tears.


Trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery. It strips away the victims’ human rights. It is a horrible form of abuse and cruelty. Imagining this abuse happening to these innocent children in Cambodia sparked a cyclone of emotions from anger to sadness and others in between.

Educating myself was the first step to combat this. Now I plan to come alongside great organizations such as Rapha International and provide financial support, as well as assisting in medical trips in the future. I plan to educate others regarding the dangers here and internationally, as well as how they can help.

Your words have a profound impact on catalyzing change in your community and altering the trajectory of many lives. Amanda is using her voice. How will you use yours?