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Partner with Rapha through FreeWill

June 18th, 2020


A gift for you and your future!

Rapha International’s partnership with empowers Rapha to give back to its partners by providing you with free estate planning services, so you can make or update important documents like a will, power of attorney, or advance health care directive—for free.

It’s incredibly simple: Just go to to start the process. For most of you, it will take less than a half-hour to answer all of the questions. FreeWill will take your answers and build your estate planning documents, making sure that all the legal requirements of your particular state are satisfied. Then, you print the documents and follow the instructions for how to sign them. 

FreeWill affords you a powerful opportunity to make sure Rapha’s work is provided for during your lifetime, and after it as well. During the process, FreeWill encourages you to consider a gift to Rapha International as part of your plans, to make sure Rapha’s mission is supported into the future. Bottom line: this is about your legacy. This is about what your stewardship speaks of you to the generations that come after you. So, again, go to You don’t have to include Rapha in your estate plan to get these documents for free—we want you to have them regardless. 

A second tool available through Freewill is the Freedom Forever Endowment. The Freedom Forever Endowment is designed to support the mission of Rapha International in perpetuity. This endowment was recently seeded by a $50,000 gift from a family who has supported Rapha for many years. “We want this work to be our legacy” is the powerful way they explained their conviction to fight for the children of Rapha International.

With the establishment of the Freedom Forever Endowment, you can make a gift through a variety of ways. Today, you can give cash, stocks, or property. For the future, you can leave endowment gifts through your estate plan. FreeWill makes this process easy and free. Simply follow the prompts at to deepen your legacy today.