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Project Goat

January 12th, 2021


Project G.O.A.T stands for Global Offensive Against Trafficking and is an art-based awareness and support campaign in the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. In honor of Super Bowl LV, fifty-five life-size goat statues have been painted or otherwise embellished by amazing artists and, in many cases, represented by celebrity athletes, actors, musicians, and others.

In advance of Super Bowl LV, these GOATs have already been hard at work over the past several months- traveling to galleries, airports, and other venues, inspiring trafficking awareness and prevention! 

Artist and Rapha International board member, Dee Perconti, was commissioned to design one of these GOATs and she used the opportunity to tell the story of the children we serve at Rapha International. Dee’s use of Cambodian fabrics, woven together with the protected images of survivors and children in Rapha prevention programs, result in a beautiful and inspirational piece of artwork that is all about healing, hope, and freedom. 

The online auction for Project GOAT will culminate in a live event at the Tampa Zoo the evening before Super Bowl LV- with proceeds going to organizations that combat the trafficking and exploitation of children. You can help us bring the Rapha GOAT home to our gallery and US headquarters in Joplin, Missouri, so that she can continue to tell our story for years to come, and best yet, the proceeds go to a really great cause!  

View all fifty-five GOATs at

* Proceeds from the Rapha GOAT auction will be split between Rapha International and Athletes and Causes.