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Rachana’s Story: Restoring Families, Restoring Hope

December 13th, 2021


After Rachana* experienced sexual trauma and exploitation, she was rescued by local authorities and brought to Rapha’s aftercare campus. Rachana was in need of physical care and security, individualized therapy, educational support, and legal advocacy. After months of care at Rapha, Rachana began to thrive and excel in her journey of healing. She chose to take part in spiritual mentorship and was eventually baptized!

Rachana recently graduated from the residential aftercare program. She is nineteen years old, and with support from Rapha’s social workers, she is now living independently and sharing an apartment with a few other Rapha graduates. Rachana will graduate high school next year and she has big dreams for her life: to go to medical school and become a doctor!

As Rachana continues her education in the city, Rapha is committed to walking alongside her vulnerable family back in her home village. Early last year, Rachana lost her only remaining parent in a tragic accident. As the oldest daughter, she is now responsible for caring for her elderly grandmother and three younger siblings. Rapha staff evaluated the most critical needs of this family. A special project was executed to make improvements to their home- to increase safety and privacy- and to build a chicken house on the property. Along with the construction of a chicken house, chicks and supplies were also purchased. This project will help provide sustainable income for Rachana’s family and make it possible for her to continue focusing on her dreams for the future.

Rapha social workers also collaborated with another organization to dig a well on the family’s small property. With access to water close by, Rachana’s sixteen-year-old sister doesn’t have to spend her day carrying water from far away. She can now return to school and study in the ninth grade!  

Home improvements, access to water, and an income generation project greatly reduce vulnerability for this family, especially Rachana’s younger sisters. Reintegration with Rapha International is focused on family resiliency and sustainable freedom. Praise God that He allows us the opportunity to walk with girls like Rachana into lives of sustainable freedom!

The ultimate goal for girls in Rapha’s care is to be reintegrated safely into families and communities. We believe that every child has inherent value from God and deserves protection and respect. At Rapha we make sure that every survivor’s experience is tailored to her strengths, needs, and goals through an individual case management team, of which she is a part. Each survivor is involved in the assessment of her own safety needs, health risks, educational experience, trauma history, and future goals. Survivors are encouraged to explore their skills, strengths, and aspirations when planning for the future. Rapha continues to serve survivors through diverse reintegration programs, including support for family resilience, education, and small business management.

More than forty young women are currently poised for reintegration after spending time in safety, care, and treatment at one of Rapha’s aftercare campuses! We celebrate and support them as they take this critical step. The average cost of housing, education, and support for reintegration is $1,700 per year. This expense is a financial investment in each young woman’s tuition, nutritional support, and living expenses, as well as the emotional support and care of Rapha’s professional staff throughout this life transition.

Please join us in celebrating these young women by contributing to Rapha’s New Life Fund, which is reserved for supporting young women who are reintegrating into community. We are grateful for every partner who has enabled these young survivors to receive essential care and treatment at Rapha. Because of you, they are now prepared to begin this new chapter of lasting and sustainable freedom!

Note: Survivors names are changed for confidentiality and security.