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Reporting Portal Launch

May 04th, 2020


Today is a day to celebrate as we announce the launch of an online reporting portal, where Haitian citizens can report online child abuse and exploitation.

Rapha International, in partnership with the Internet Watch Foundation and in collaboration with the Haitian government through the National Committee against Trafficking in Persons (CNLTP) and the Brigade for the Protection of Minors (BPM), has officially launched the first portal for reporting and dealing with online child sexual exploitation in Haiti. 


The dissemination of child sexual abuse images online is a complex global issue that threatens the privacy and future of children. The removal and prevention of these exploitative images is a task that requires global partnership.

Through this multi-sector endeavor, Rapha International and the IWF have partnered with civil society entities in the United States, the United Kingdom and Haiti to address this problem.

This online reporting portal in Haiti provides a new "weapon" in the fight against child sexual abuse and promotes the safety of vulnerable children. Rapha International celebrates the critical work of the IWF and we look forward to the future, as together, we combat child sexual exploitation in Haiti.

To our financial partners who support this life-saving work, we say a big thank you. Your continued investment ensures that more children are rescued and protected.  


View the Reporting Portal Here