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Spring Update 2020

April 28th, 2020


Rapha International Thailand

As the first quarter of 2020 ended, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our official registration for Rapha International in Thailand! Each month at our aftercare campus in Chiang Mai, girls reintegrate and new survivors join us. Every girl is brought to Rapha for protection, care, and love. Our staff has dedicated countless hours to meet the desperate needs of counseling, social work, legal assistance, and education that every survivor has. Our staff works hard because we love every girl and want to help them heal from their trauma. All the staff here in Thailand feel blessed to serve the girls in our care and try to give them hope for their futures. 

At Rapha Thailand, we are blessed with a dedicated staff who constantly seek opportunities for training in best practices and are committed to continued education in their fields. Recently, we had a staff member achieve their attorney license, and yet another staff member achieve their social work license. We are thankful for two new buildings on our campus, which were provided in the last year; the DoTERRA Healing Hands Art Center, and our new vocational training center sponsored by the East 91st Street Christian Church. These centers are serving our girls in amazing ways, and we are so grateful for these partnerships from America. 

We are thankful for the opportunity to work alongside you as we battle for these very worthy children. Each survivor’s recovery process is slow and we don’t see immediate progress, but we are thankful to have them with us so that we can demonstrate our love to them day by day. Our strong desire is for them to understand that they are valuable. They have the right to have lives like other children on earth. They are worthy of living a joy-filled life with laughter. They deserve to live in hope for a good future. We are thankful that we get to tell them about you, who love them and sacrifice for them, although you may never meet in person. 



Thailand Survivor Story

Kamon’s trauma left her feeling timid and discarded by her community. She came to Rapha International with many layers of brokenness. As she was treated by the staff with love and respect, she began to heal and understand that her experiences had no effect on her worth as a person. Last year she decided to apply for a nursing program because she wants others to feel as valued as she knows she is. “I want to show people what it’s like for them to be cared for with gentleness and love. No matter who they are or what they have done, I want them to know that they should be treated with kindness and respect, just as I have been treated at Rapha International”. 

Kamon is now bravely working toward her goal of being a nurse and instilling the same encouragement in others as the staff of Rapha International has invested in her.


Honoring our Faithful Staff in Cambodia

In February, we were blessed to honor our Cambodian staff who have served with Rapha International for five, ten, and 15-year commitments. We genuinely value our staff and recognize them as the heartbeat of the work God has entrusted to us. 

Rapha International was pioneered by Stephanie Garman Freed and our committed staff in Cambodia 16 years ago. We were blessed to honor their willingness and desire to provide aftercare for survivors of human trafficking and sexual injustice, as well as doing excellent work in prevention through our Kids Club programming. 

Today in Cambodia, Rapha International is blessed with a staff of more than 125 Khmer nationals and seven foreigners, who combat injustice and empower survivors to thrive in lives of sustainable freedom. Our staff truly are the heroes of this critical work! 

We were able to honor 63 staff for five years of service, 29 staff for ten years of service; and five staff for 15 years of service! We applaud our international staff for their willingness and desire to serve God through serving the children He has entrusted to our care. 

We are thankful for your faithful commitment to the work of Rapha International, which allows us to serve these worthy children. May each one of us carry this work on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. (Philippians 1:6) 


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