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Stand with Rapha

May 27th, 2020



Stand With Rapha

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Dear Friends-

Summer is here, and the Rapha International team sincerely hopes that there will be opportunities for you all to enjoy quality time with friends and family! While we love the sunshine and fun memories that summertime usually brings, historically, summer also brings great financial challenges for Rapha International. As giving decreases during the summer months, the child survivors in our care continue to require consistent life-saving services. This year, on top of the decline in summer giving, we are dealing with a “perfect storm” as we find our work in a compromised financial position due to COVID-19. And this is no time for retreat.  


There is a devastating consequence of the COVID-19 crisis emerging. As the ripple effect of the suffering global economy interacts with the developing world, the most impoverished people are losing their jobs first. The situation for these families was precarious before COVID-19; they were already struggling to survive. This puts already vulnerable children at even greater risk as traffickers and exploiters seize opportunities such as these for their own profit. The population of children whom Rapha International exists to serve is now experiencing intensified threat through the COVID 19 crisis, and we need to be in a position of strength to provide life-saving services for them.

Our international staff are highly qualified for this difficult and critical work. They are Cambodian counselors, Thai social workers, and Haitian caregivers- truly fighting on the frontlines for very worthy children. Losing dedicated staff during this economic crisis would greatly weaken our ability to serve child survivors now and in the future. 

 As we head into summer, please consider a special one time gift at this critical time or become a monthly supporting partner. We need your help in providing payroll protection for nearly 200 international staff fighting for justice on the frontlines- in Cambodia, Thailand, and Haiti. Stand with us today in keeping our international teams mobilized and strong to serve the children of Rapha International, and those who will need us in the weeks, months, and years to come.  


Stephanie Garman Freed

CEO and Co-Founder