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Taeng is Waiting for You

April 13th, 2021


Taeng’s childhood completely changed when she was two years old and her father committed suicide. Because her father had gambled away all her family’s money before his death, Taeng grew up in desperate poverty. There was never enough.  

When Taeng was fourteen, she became involved with a group of friends from her school who constantly skipped classes and abused drugs and alcohol. These girls also worked at a karaoke bar and Taeng decided to join them. She began earning money drinking at the bar with customers. As they worked, Taeng noticed that her friends could afford expensive cell phones and clothes and were making more money than her. She learned that they earned more by sleeping with customers. It wasn’t long before the karaoke bar owners persuaded Taeng to have sex with customers for additional money. Taeng was easily manipulated and the owners took the majority of the money that she earned. 

This ruthless cycle of addiction, manipulation, and abuse continued until law enforcement raided the bar and brought Taeng to Rapha International. Rapha’s legal staff partnered with the police resulting in the owners/traffickers being sentenced to prison time. In addition to legal services, Taeng participated in regular trauma-informed counseling so that she would be positioned to make healthy choices for her future. The Rapha caregivers were amazed by the progress Taeng made and lovingly supported her journey of healing. When Taeng left Rapha’s aftercare campus, she was a confident and mature young woman who was committed to her new life of sustainable freedom. Rapha social workers have continued to monitor Taeng’s journey and have provided her with the financial assistance to finish her education.

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