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Thailand Kids Club: Chantara’s Story

August 31st, 2020




Chantara’s childhood was turned upside down when her father broke his leg and couldn’t financially support their family anymore. To supplement their income, her mother began collecting recyclables at a trash dump near their house which provided only $3-$5 a day for their family of four. Poverty and lack of oversight while her mother worked increased Chantara’s risk for exploitation and trafficking.

A social worker from Kids Club visited Chantara’s family with a sponsorship that would provide education, school supplies, and rice for her entire family. They also invited Chantara to come to Kids Club’s facility after school so she could have adult supervision while her mother was working and her father was healing. As the staff member was leaving, her mother grabbed her hand and said, “Thank you for supporting our child at school and our family with rice each month. Our kids couldn’t go to school without your help. Our children would not be safe without your help.” 

Potential chapters of abuse, exploitation, or labor trafficking will hopefully never be in Chantara’s story because she was protected by advocates who fought for her through sponsorship. Sponsor a child like Chantara today, and change their life forever!