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Urgent Prayer for Rapha Haiti & Cambodia

July 07th, 2021


Rapha is facing some critical emerging situations internationally, and we request urgent prayer today. Please read this blog about specific Rapha prayer requests for Haiti and Cambodia. 

• Pray for Rapha Haiti

Haitian President, Jovenel Moise, was assassinated early this morning by a group of unidentified gunmen. A “state of siege” and martial law has now been imposed on the nation of Haiti. For the past few years, Haiti has been experiencing increased civil unrest and violence. Murder, kidnapping, and sexual exploitation have been rampant as armed gangs have taken ground and become more powerful. Much of the Haitian population continues to experience immense fear, trauma, and violence. 

Ways to Pray

• Mercy and justice for the people of Haiti.

• Protection for those who are vulnerable - particularly women and children- during this time of unrest and violence.

• Physical protection for the Rapha girls and staff, as well as their families. 

• Strengthening of body, mind, and spirit for the Rapha girls and for the staff who continue to risk their own lives to serve them in the face of violence and unrest. 

• Protection and provision for the reintegrated girls and young women who have been served by Rapha in the past. 

• Creativity and energy for the staff who are now on temporary lock down with the Rapha girls - as healthy trauma work normally involves consistent staff rotation. 

• Pray for Rapha Cambodia

Two staff members at our Battambang campus tested positive for COVID-19 last week, and the government ordered a strict two week quarantine within the administration area of our campus for forty staff members. Additional staff are quarantined with the girls we serve in the residential area of our campus. 

Ways to Pray

• Continued healing for the staff members who have tested positive- we are grateful that they are both experiencing mild cases thus far.

• Good health for our staff who are quarantining together- that there are no more positive cases which extend the quarantine.

• Good health for the girls served by Rapha- that none of them will contract the virus. 

• Creativity and energy for the staff who are quarantined with the Rapha girls- as healthy trauma work normally involves consistent staff rotation.

• The families of our staff members who are missing their quarantined loved ones. Rapha is a female led organization and many of our quarantined staff members have young children at home. 

• Peace that casts out fear in the hearts of the girls and staff.

• Unity for our staff in the midst of stress while living together in close quarters. 

We are grateful for your prayers and will provide you with updates about these situations.