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Ways to Give

June 24th, 2020



There are many "Ways to Give" to fight human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Use your unique resources to partner with Rapha International today!


Freedom Forever Endowment

A second tool provided through Freewill is the Freedom Forever Endowment, designed to support the mission of Rapha International in perpetuity. 

With this tool, you can give a variety of gifts such as through cash, stocks, or property. For the future, you can leave endowment gifts through your estate plan. FreeWill makes this process easy and free. Simply follow the prompts at to deepen your legacy today.




Tax-Smart Giving

Here are other tax-advantaged strategies you can use to maximize your impact:

1. Using the Above-the-Line Deduction

There are many individuals who might not itemize their taxes in order to benefit from charitable gifts. But did you know that with the CARES Act, there is a new “above the line” deduction for charitable contributions of $300 per taxpayer (or $600 for a married couple) in 2020? This means that you can get a tax deduction for gifts to Rapha even if you do not itemize your taxes.

2. Gifts of Appreciated Assets

Although gifts by cash, check, or credit, are the most common method of giving, donating appreciated assets is an important method for giving. Appreciated assets are essentially any assets such as stocks or bonds etc. which have increased in value over time. These assets can be donated directly to Rapha so that Rapha will receive the full value - meanwhile you can receive a full charitable deduction without recognizing capital gains taxes.

3. Giving Qualified Charitable Distributions

If you are over 72 and plan to make a gift to Rapha, you may be able to make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from your IRA instead. This can satisfy your required minimum distribution (RMD) and be withdrawn without tax consequence. 

However you choose to support the work of Rapha, you are making a monumental impact. If you have any questions, or would like to continue a conversation about your options, please contact our CFO Travis Buchan at or at 417-621-0373 ext 706.




FreeWill Estate Planning


Get Involved

Rapha International’s partnership with empowers Rapha to give back to its partners by providing you with free estate planning services, so you can make or update important documents like a will, power of attorney, or advance health care directive—for free.

It’s incredibly simple: Just go to to start the process. For most of you, it will take less than a half-hour to answer all of the questions. FreeWill will take your answers and build your estate planning documents, making sure that all the legal requirements of your particular state are satisfied. Then, you print the documents and follow the instructions for how to sign them.

FreeWill affords you a powerful opportunity to make sure Rapha’s work is provided for during your lifetime, and after it as well. During the process, FreeWill encourages you to consider a gift to Rapha International as part of your plans, to make sure Rapha’s mission is supported into the future, but it is not a requirement. Bottom line: this is about your legacy. This is about what your stewardship speaks of you to the generations that come after you. So, again, go to