A Walk-A-Thon For Survivors

December 12th, 2018

Plainfield Christian Church (PCC) is a congregation of about 350 people near Grand Rapids, Michigan. Katrina Pratt is a member there, and years ago she wanted to figure out how PCC could partner with Rapha House to love and care for survivors of forced prostitution and sexual exploitation.

Her idea? A walk-a-thon.

Since then, Katrina has helped empower PCC, their community and local businesses to join the fight against slavery and to walk alongside survivors. Every year, members of the congregation and community get together to walk, (over 120 people per year) to raise support for the work of Rapha House. Local businesses sponsor the event. Members of the congregation go door to door and use their fundraising pages on social platforms to secure pledges from friends, family and neighbors. The congregation has silent auctions, raffles, and even sells Rapha House merchandise.

Over the years, thanks to the people of PCC and their neighbors, tens of thousands of dollars have been used to provide countless hours of safety, counseling, social work, legal advocacy, vocational training, education, shelter, food, and medical care.

Through this walk-a-thon, Plainfield Christian Church is actually walking alongside Rapha House’s survivors towards hope and healing.

Katrina, thank you for allowing God to take your vision and bless it beyond measure. Plainfield Christian Church, thank you to every one of you who have come to share in that vision and play a part in it becoming a dream realized for the survivors we serve.

Do you have an idea for how you can be a blessing to Rapha House’s survivors? Run with it—or walk with it!

Katrina did. Plainfield Christian Church did. And because they did, God has made them world changers.

Join them. For Rapha House’s survivors. Change their world. Change the world.