“We want this work to be our legacy.”

November 01st, 2019

A special announcement from Stephanie Garman Freed, CEO

Dear Friends-
Today, I am excited to share a historical event in the work of Rapha International!
Recently, some longtime partners spent a day with us at our headquarters in Joplin, Missouri, going through the strategic plan for Rapha International and gaining a deeper understanding of our programs, challenges, and achievements. This couple was especially inspired by our vision for an endowment fund, which would provide healing, hope, and freedom, not only for the children we are serving today but also for the children who will need these life-saving services in the future.  

The next morning, as we drank coffee together in a local diner, this couple shared that they felt led to contribute a $50,000 gift to make the dream of an endowment fund for the children of Rapha International a reality!  “We want this work to be our legacy,” were the powerful words spoken to me.  They went on to explain how they want their money to reflect what they cared about in this lifetime- that they would fight for the children of Rapha International for the rest of their lives as well as stand beside the future generations who will fight after they are gone.  I discovered it is quite possible to laugh and cry at the same time, and some very happy tears were shed at the diner that day. 

With the establishment of the Freedom Forever Endowment, a flag has been planted in the ground at Rapha International, declaring that we are in this fight for healing, hope, and freedom for this generation and for the generations of children to come.  Will you join them in this beautiful legacy and become a founding partner in Freedom Forever? 

With Gratitude- Stephanie

Introducing Rapha International’s Freedom Forever Endowment 

They are free today, because of you. 

Together, we began this critical work of healing, hope, and freedom in 2003 with one precious girl. You showed up for her and you keep showing up for girls like her every day since- offering rescue from unimaginable suffering and providing hope for the future. Sixteen years later, because of your partnership, thousands of girls, children, families, and their communities have been transformed. It is you who continue to make this critical work possible. 
Freedom for the future, because of you.

The Freedom Forever Endowment is designed to permanently ensure that the financial future of Rapha International is lasting and certain, and that the health of this work will never be undone by financial pressures. 
Our founding partners in the Freedom Forever Endowment lift this challenge up to all of us who believe in this work: "I just know that there are 30-40 other Rapha partners who feel like we do and are willing to kickstart this endowment. I know we can get it to more than $1,000,000 within the first 6 months. This is a great opportunity for donors to leave legacy gifts and incorporate a portion of their estate planning to a protected fund.”
Please join them as a Founding Partner in the Freedom Forever Endowment and leave a legacy that we stood together to fight against exploitation and for its survivors, making an impact on their lives that is truly life-changing, for generations to come.

Will you consider a planned gift of $10,000, $50,000 or more to join us in bringing Freedom Forever? The Freedom Forever Endowment is a permanently endowed fund that will serve children for generations to come. You can make a gift through any number of ways including a cash gift, stock transfer, or through a planned gift from your estate. We all want to leave a legacy and to have an impact beyond our own lifetime. We would love to begin a conversation about your legacy.

Please contact David Peters, General Counsel, at dpeters@rapha.org or 417-621-0373 ext 711 for more information.