Girls Are Gold

December 19th, 2018

There is a Cambodian proverb which states- “Men are gold, women are cloth”. The premise behind this proverb is that you can drop a bar of gold in mud, and it can be picked up, polished off, and made to shine like new.  But if cloth is dropped in the mud, no matter how much it is washed and cleaned, it will always be stained.  This proverb reflects societal attitudes about girls in many parts of Southeast Asia. This mindset affects our girls, who as victims of sexual violence have been “stained”. They may face shame from their community and even be seen as an embarrassment to their own family.  With the burden of society’s judgment on their shoulders, they commonly view themselves as dirty and worthless.

As Christians we want to break the stronghold of that lie by teaching God’s truth- that they are worth more than they can imagine and are beautiful in His sight.

 In September, two of our wonderful partner churches made it possible to host a retreat for the Rapha girls in Cambodia. Our theme for this important retreat was: girls are gold!

One of our amazing counselors, who is a former Rapha girl herself, spoke alongside her husband about the worth of each girl and how our true value comes from God. The Rapha girls have suffered great trauma at the hands of men, so the voice of this Godly man, standing alongside his wife in this critical message was incredibly powerful.  On the first night of the retreat the girls were presented with a flower and a crown. This represents that they are each created in the image of our King of Kings, and that they are Daughters of the King.

I received a call from one of our safe house managers several days after our girls returned home from the retreat, and she shared with me that the girls were still wearing their crowns. One of the girls even wore her crown to church! What a beautiful picture of the truth of how God values each one of our lives. We often take off our crowns and forget that we are children of the King, but His love for each of us is evident in how He chose to create us in His image!

This Christmas, it is our prayer at Rapha House that you see your value and worth through the eyes of the King of Kings. He created us in His image, we are blessed to be a part of his royal family. 1 Peter 2:9 says; "But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light." In His eyes, you are gold!

RH Cambodia Country Director

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