Reflections on the Christmas Season

December 23rd, 2018

As I think about this 2018 Christmas season, I do so with a spirit of gratitude for each one of you and for what the Lord has done through your partnership with Rapha House International.

Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity to the children we are blessed to serve!

For me, it will always be about that one girl...

That one who was sold by her own father, but now has 3 children of her own whom she loves so dearly and whom will never be trafficked.

That one who lived in a pit of despair, but who is now married to a man who thinks she is a queen- and who minister together to broken and oppressed children.

That one who disappeared into prostitution again for several years after she left the safety of our walls, but because our staff (and the Lord) never gave up on her, is now living in hope and freedom, and is serving the other children of Rapha House.

And it will always be about that one girl….

That one who is trying to disappear into the shadows of that Haitian home so that the family who owns her will not think to physically or sexually abuse her tonight.

That one who is trapped, right now, in a massage parlor in SE Asia who thinks that she is completely unworthy and that her day of rescue will never arrive.

That one who is completely broken- in the social work vehicle right now- on her way to Rapha House and a new future.

So much has been accomplished, and yet there is still so much to be done!  Friends, thank you for standing with us over the past 15 years in combating child trafficking and sexual exploitation!

Stephanie Freed | Co-Founder & Executive Director

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