The Heroes of Today’s World

February 12th, 2019

Padma’s trauma left her feeling timid and discarded by her community. She came to Rapha House with many layers of brokenness. As she was treated by the staff with love and respect, she began to heal and understand that her experiences had no affect on her worth as a person. This month she decided to apply for a nursing program because she wants others to feel as valued as she knows she is. “I want to show people what it’s like for them to be cared for with gentleness and love. No matter who they are or what they have done, I want them to know that they should be treated with kindness and respect, just as I have been treated at Rapha House”.  
If I could write a book to share the stories of the girls at our safe houses I would.

Because I am confident that even the tiniest glimpse of these girl’s hearts would drastically impact the world's definition of "victim". It would shift the spotlight from the struggle and weakness often associated with exploitation, and highlight the strength of these young women, whom I am convinced are the most courageous heroes of today's world.

It’s the epitome of hope when these women choose to believe in their own value after being told a dollar could be exchanged for their dignity. Our organization is sincerely blessed by all of you who have not known them but stood by them. You have not yet met these heroes, but have shared their stories, and invested in their journey of healing. Let’s continue to work day and night until the whisper currently given to them by society is converted into the resounding testimony these courageous women deserve.

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