“This Is Who God Loves”

December 20th, 2018

There are moments in everyone’s life when unforgettable things happen that imprint on your heart forever.  For me, this past September was full of those moments at the retreat for the RH girls. From the moment the buses arrived and the girls heard the retreat theme “Girls are Gold” there were squeals of excitement!!!  Those squeals were followed by gasps and contagious smiles as they looked into their goody bags which were filled with fun items from sponsoring churches.  Moments like watching the girls step into the ocean for the first time and them making funny faces and giggling at the photo booth - these are what memories are made of.

But one moment captured the whole of the retreats for me and that was when I watched a beautiful little girl work so intently on her craft project.  She was making a handheld inexpensive foam mirror, but that priceless mirror was surrounded by the words “This is Who God Loves”.  As she put each sticker on the mirror she would hold it up and look at her reflection.

Every time she lifted it, I prayed that she saw who God and who I see and that she and all the girls would truly see that they are gold!  I am so thankful that God gives us the opportunity to see His heart in these unforgettable moments!

- Lynda Eubanks | Rapha House Partner

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