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We help you combat child slavery and sexual exploitation, one child at a time.


Engagement for You

Empowering people just like you to join this fight against injustice!

At Rapha International, we reach out to communities and individuals to not only educate and bring awareness but to empower and engage people to action. We work alongside a broad coalition of partners to bring awareness and action through media, community education, and speaking engagements.


We Empower You

You are a crucial part of this work. A main piece of our mission here at Rapha International is Engagement for YOU. We believe one way we will make a difference and create change is by empowering advocates like you past awareness to action! You have a voice. You have influence. Use it and change lives today. There are so many ways to engage in Rapha International's work. Click the link to see how you can fight for healing, hope, and freedom.  Children need you today.

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Our documentary, Finding Home has been translated into 25 different languages and reached 190 different countries after being added to Netflix for a year. It is now available on Amazon Prime Video. Finding Home tells the story of three young Cambodian women rescued from trafficking and their search to find a place called home. This full-length documentary reminds us that we are all connected in our humanity; that we are all looking for a place of love, acceptance and community...a place called home. You can host a documentary viewing and discussion (download Rapha International’s documentary Finding Home below)

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Community Education and Speaking Engagements

With more than 150 international staff, our impact is global. In Haiti, Cambodia, and Thailand our team of social workers visits local families to educate them about the trafficking and exploitation risks that their own children face. In Southwest Missouri, we are members of the RISE Coalition (Regional Intervention of Sexual Exploitation), whose mission is to work together with organizations and agencies within the four-state area to increase public awareness, identify human trafficking cases, and connect identified victims with comprehensive social and medical services. Additionally, we serve on the Missouri Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence Commission, which aims to make Missouri courts more effective in addressing human trafficking and domestic violence. Our staff also travels throughout the United States speaking to churches, civic organizations, and small groups. If you or someone you know is interested in hearing someone speak about the issues of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, please contact us to request a speaker.

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Free Estate Planning

Rapha International is excited to partner with This partnership empowers Rapha to give back to its partners by providing you with free estate planning services, so that you can make or update important documents like a will, power of attorney, or advance health care directive—for free. Cost can be a barrier to people getting estate planning documents up and running. Rapha wants to eliminate that barrier for you, without any sacrifice of quality—FreeWill allows us to do that for you.

It’s incredibly simple: Just go to to start the process. For most of you, it will take less than a half-hour to answer all of the questions. FreeWill will take your answers and build your estate planning documents, making sure that all the legal requirements of your particular state are satisfied. Then, you print the documents and follow the instructions for how to sign them. Voila—you’ve got an estate plan! 

Rapha International's partnership with FreeWill also allows you to make sure Rapha’s work is provided for during your lifetime and beyond. During the process, FreeWill encourages you to consider a gift to Rapha International as part of your plans, to make sure Rapha’s mission is supported into the future. We know that many of you will want your children and your children’s children and the world to know that you stood up for the most vulnerable, the most forgotten, and the most exploited.

You don’t have to include Rapha in your estate plan to get these documents for free—we want you to have them regardless. If you don’t have an estate plan, get one today. 

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