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We help you combat child slavery and sexual exploitation, one child at a time.




You have the ability to change lives. Are you wondering what you can do or how you can help? Will you take this step of faith and engage? Here are some ideas!

  • Host a fundraiser (online or physical event). Email us if you would like some literature for your event!
  • Include Rapha International in your estate planning through FreeWill- a free service for partners. Estate planning is a critically important way to protect your assets, make sure your wishes are carried out, and protect and provide for the people you love.
  • Host a dinner party and discussion
  • Host a fun run
  • Make jewelry, t-shirts, baked goods, etc. and sell them!
  • Join or start a freedom team, a team of advocates to motivate each other in the fight for justice! Have questions? Contact Jessica Rogakis at

So many people have used their unique gifts and talents for the survivors we serve, and we love sharing their stories. Read some personal My Rapha Stories below!

Kennedy's Story

Kennedy Waselenchuk, who is the daughter of racquetball player Kane Waselenchuk, made the sacrificial choice to have friends buy Rapha International merchandise instead of birthday presents for her. This heartfelt donation is going directly to changing the lives of girls who are being sexually exploited and trafficked. Her heart for justice that invests in life-changing freedom for a child survivor rather than have material items is motivating to all of us to step up and find ways to give!

Kennedy was such a blessing to the girls we serve by using her birthday as an opportunity to give rather than receive.


Emily’s Personal Story

I've always had a huge heart for women's advocacy. I did some research on Rapha's work and decided human trafficking and sexual exploitation was the injustice I wanted to fight against.

I started a donations page through Rapha International and raised over 2,000 dollars. But I knew God was telling me to do more.

A group of friends and I decided to show the film "Finding Home". Our local movie theater offered their space to us for free and we bought "freedom bracelets", and t-shirts from Rapha to sell at the event. We put up posters, advertised at school, through social media, and the newspaper. About 150 people attended our event and by the end of the night, we had raised over 2,000 dollars, totaling our yearly donation to 4,000 dollars!  God is so good!

My favorite part of the whole night was getting to see so many people moved to tears by the film. I found something I am so passionate about, and I would have never imagined this outcome. I can't say it enough - God is so good.