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What Is It?

Human Trafficking is a crime in which one human controls and exploits another through the use of force, deceit, or coercion.  Victims are often forced into labor or sex acts in order to repay an undefined debt that increases faster than it can be repaid. Human trafficking, a form of modern day slavery, is now among the fastest growing criminal businesses in the world.

Unfortunately, children are especially vulnerable to this crime. Both small children and teenagers are tricked, coerced, or sold into prostitution, pornography, or forced labor. Many are transported across borders into the global sex trade and are never reunited with their families again.

Once a child is removed from their family, the trafficker often confiscates their identification papers and takes them to an unknown location. There the child may be drugged and forced into prostitution, pornography, or menial servitude. Often they are beaten, raped, and locked up with little hope of escape. 

Even if the child becomes free, they may require a lifetime of counseling and social services to heal from the deep physical and emotional traumas they have experienced. These are the types of services that Rapha International provides.  By supporting our work, you can help us to continue providing these services.


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What Causes It?

Each trafficking victim has a unique story. Nevertheless, many stories contain common themes. Three of the most common themes are those of poverty, ignorance and greed.


Sometimes an individual is trafficked because their family is extremely poor. Desperate people make desperate choices. Unfortunately, some of these desperate choices result in children being trafficked.


Trafficking recruiters often visit villages and approach unwary parents with glowing stories and promises of a better life. They spin tales of incredible job prospects such as rich patrons in need of young nannies in distant cities. Unfortunately, many parents are uneducated about the possibility of human trafficking. Therefore, they put their mark on the dotted line and accept the “earnest” money offered as down payment. They unknowlingly surrender their children to the traffickers - sometimes never to see or hear from them again.


Some have concluded that the lives of their children are only worth the commerce to be made from them. Traffickers are blinded by greed, and this is often the driving force behind their decision to perpetrate this evil.

In order to stop human trafficking and sexual exploitation, hearts must be changed. Hearts must be changed to rescue and protect children.  Hearts must be changed to help them to remain free. There is no greater power to change lives than God and the light of His truth. Help us change more hearts by donating today.


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How Does Rapha Fight It?

At Rapha International, we believe no person should live as a slave to another. 

Rapha serves trafficked and exploited girls from ages 6-18. We build and operate aftercare campuses to offer freedom, hope, and healing through these services: safety & basic care, counseling & medical needs, education & training, social work & legal advocacy. Rapha also works to prevent trafficking and exlpoitation from taking place in the future by education and sponsorship through our Kids Club program.

Recent statistics state that 80% of all trafficking victims are female.  With your help, we can reach them. We believe it is urgent to add additional teams of high quality individuals, churches and corporations to lend their expertise, talent and financial resources to join this fight to eradicate human slavery and sexual exploitation.

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We exist to love, rescue, & heal children who have been rescued from trafficking & sexual exploitation.

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How Can I Help?

 We are asking you to join us in fighting against this evil. By praying, using your voice, volunteering your talents, and giving generously, you can make a difference. Countless children are waiting for their day of freedom, and those who have been freed have a long journey of healing ahead of them. Stand up and join Rapha in this fight against injustice.

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