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We help you combat child slavery and sexual exploitation, one child at a time.


Sponsor an At-Risk Child

Sponsor a Child through KIDS CLUB

Rapha International Kids Club programs reach out to impoverished communities where children are likely to be victimized. By sponsoring a Kids Club child, you make it possible for an at-risk boy or girl to go to school and receive health services. We want to do everything we can for these children to prevent them from being trafficked. Child sponsorship is simple. Prevention makes sense.


You can sponsor an at-risk child for just $40!

This sponsorship covers school fees, uniforms, medical care, rice for the family, and a social worker to help meet the child’s needs. Each sponsor will receive a photo and information about the child. The sponsor will also have the opportunity to send pictures and cards to their child throughout the year.

When you sponsor a child you are changing the world. You are impacting the child’s family, their family impacts the community and their community transforms the world. Thank you for choosing to fight modern-day slavery- one child at a time.

Shanda's Personal Testimony

My name is Shanda. I am from a small town called Paris, KY and I have been on three of the medical/dental trips to Cambodia. After spreading the love of Jesus to the country of Cambodia during my first trip there, I fell in love with Kids Club. I truly recognize and understand there are so many children out there needing our love and compassion. When I found out that I could sponsor a child and donate money to help provide their educational and physical needs, I was so excited. I can’t say enough about Rapha International and their ministry. They are just amazing, and if you are in the least bit able to give so a child can go to school or have food, please don’t hesitate. It’s a great feeling inside to know how much you are helping a child. I wanted to help Rapha International so they could provide a life for these kids. It truly has a place in my heart. This sponsorship is so important and special to me because I have actually seen Rapha International, Kids Club, and the conditions that these kids live in. It truly opened my eyes that these children need help. I hope that my giving and commitment to this sponsorship program will allow these children to fall in love with Jesus from knowing that someone cares about them.