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We help you combat child slavery and sexual exploitation, one child at a time.


Financials and Impact

Where Does My Donation Go?

Rapha International is committed to fiscal responsibility and transparency. We are 100% reliant on our generous supporters and are 100% dedicated to rescuing and supporting victims of trafficking. We are a GuideStar Platinum Participant and we are accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.


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Counseling and Social Services: Child victims of sexual abuse often require extensive counseling and social services to heal from the traumas they have experienced. By supporting the work of Rapha, you are helping us maintain quality counselors and social workers on staff to walk with these children on the path of healing. 

Shelter and Security: Trafficked and exploited children may have never lived in a safe and stable environment before. When you give to Rapha, you are helping provide these children with a safe place to heal and rest their head at night.

Basic Necessities: Girls at our aftercare campuses often come with little more than the clothes on their back. Donated funds help provide them with things like quality nutrition, clean clothes, clean bedding, and personal care items.  

Education and Training: If the children in our care receive no education or training, they have little hope for a brighter future. That's why, with your help, we provide basic education and vocation training for success in life outside residential care.

Gift acceptance policy: Rapha International strives for excellence in using donations according to each donor's wishes. In cases where specific projects are significantly overfunded or underfunded, funds may be used for another one of Rapha's life-changing programs.

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  • $3.26M
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